K.Kumarasivam Endowment Fund Memorial Public Lecture & Young Environmentalist Award 2017

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K. Kumarasivam Endowment Fund: Memorial Public Lecture and Young Environmentalist Internship Award 2017

For this year, ENSEARCH successfully organized the KKEF Memorial Public Lecture & Young Environmentalist Internship Award 2017 at Kelab Golf Negara Subang on the 12th December 2017. The Lecture which was given by distinguished speaker, Emeritus Prof. Muhamad Awang, which attracted  nearly 50 people .

Emeritus Professor Muhamad Awang was the Vice Chancellor of SEGI University, and was also a Professor in    the Department of Environmental Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia. His lecture titled, ‘Aligning Environmental Education and Training Goals in Meeting Industry Needs’ attracted  both members of ENSEARCH and the public who were from diverse professions

Emeritus Prof Muhamad Awang, during Q&A session with the audience.

The Lecture which were given by Emeritus Prof Muhamad Awang, extended to an hour due to questions asked by the audience. One of the questions was asked by ENSEARCH President, Mr Gobinathan Kumaran Nair who was really interested to know regarding the lacking of  young generations, and why do they have less interest towards industry sectors in Malaysia.

Emeritus Prof Muhamad Awang, with some participants

Young Environmentalist Internship Award Winner for this year is Mr. Sathis Venkitasamy, 27 years old. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Biology), UKM which Botany was his major. He is currently pursuing his Master of Technology (Environmental Management) at University Malaya. He did his degree internship in Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong. He started as research assistant for a study aiming to define appropriate sustainability criteria for existing Malaysian towns by Centre for Environment, Technology & Development, Malaysia (CETDEM), a local NGO which promotes sustainable development since 1985. The study report was titled as ‘Elusive Urban Sustainability: Challenges in Entrenching Sustainability in Malaysian Towns’.


The KKEF Young Environmentalist 2017 Winner, Mr Sathis Venkitasamy with ENSEARCH’s President; Mr GobinathanmKumaran Nair, KKEF Chairman; Dr Foo Say Moo, Life Member of ENSEARCH, Dato’ Halimah Hassan, KKEF Board & Selection Committee and his family.

He joined Global Environment Centre (GEC) which he entrusted with river management, water management, solid waste management and environmental education programs. Until today, he had undertaken various projects covering important environmental aspects. He successfully carried out Water Conservation Programme for Schools in Malaysia which he developed water auditing calculator for Malaysian schools. He also active in Citizen Science Monitoring program such as engaging local communities, education institutions, business communities and youths to monitor their ecosystem changes especially river monitoring. Being a firm believer in practical environmentalism, Mr. Sathis actively gives talks on environmental education and awareness during training, seminar, and Astro interview. He is also appointed panel judge since 2016 for ‘Selangor Beach and River Adoption Competition’ organized by Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS).

As part of the award, Mr. Sathis Venkitasamy will receive a two-week, all expense paid Internship program with the JK Lakshmi Cement Plant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India from 15th January until 29th January 2018. ENSEARCH and KKEF Board wish Mr Sathis Venkitasamy a big congratulation and goodluck for the internship next year.

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