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The world as we know is evolving at an unprecedented speed due to population explosion. The race for space continues to be detrimental to the people and the environment we live in. As a result technological options are often explored to handle emerging issues. However, technological advancement and transfer is slow in reaching out to relevant people involved in environmental management and research.

ENSEARCH is one of the largest and oldest non-profit organizations in Malaysia that focuses on environmental management and research that was established to provide a platform for experts in the field to gather and exchange information.

ENSEARCH, established in 1984 has also been involved in building the capacity of the people. We provide many types of training programs and talks on technical know-how and latest developments in the arena of sustainable management.

Having one of the largest databases of people involved in environmental management, ENSEARCH consists of the best minds in the industry to address issues related sustainable development. Our members include more than 500 individuals and 75 institutions of professionals involved in the field of environmental management. In addition, ENSEARCH’s members also consist of students. We believe in building the capacity of the young and learning from their creativity as they are the future stewards of the planet.

Our members are regularly up dated through various means to keep abreast with technological developments and tools for implementing them. These activities are often accompanied or followed by valuable publications to enhance environmental management, practices and research in the country.

Your representation and participation will enhance the role of ENSEARCH to provide the best possible solutions. It will enhance national capacity for sustainable development that encompasses all aspects of the environment, including your personal lives. The future of the planet is in the hands of a few. Join us to become a family of like-minded friends.

    Individual : RM 50 for Admission and RM 100 for Annual Subscription (Total : RM 150)Corporate : RM 500 for Admission and RM 1000 for Annual Subscription (Total : RM 1500)Student : RM 25 for Annual Subscription

    I am interested in serving in one of the committees in ENSEARCH. Please send me further details.

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