Board Members

K. Kumarasivam Endowment Fund

Operations of KKEF

Membership of the KKEF Board of Directors

The KKEF Board of Directors shall comprise of 8 members. The other members of the KKEF Board shall comprise of a member each from the following:

Board Members

    1. Dr. Hari Ramalu Ragavan (Chairman)
    2. Ir. Goh Kim Siang
    3. Dr. Hari Ramalu Ragavan
    4. Ms. Sharon Chong


Selection Committee

  1. Ir. Elias Saidin
  2. Ir. Lee Heng Keng
  3. The members of the Board shall serve a period of two years, except for the President of ENSEARCH, who shall be the currently elected President of ENSEARCH.

    The Chairman of the Board shall be responsible for nominating replacement members to the Board, in consultation with other Board members.