Cyber Plant Conservation Network (CPCNet)

A web community committed to the conservation and planting of rare fruit trees by making them common again

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Some of our treasured fruit trees are in danger of disappearing. Many of them used to be planted in the vicinity of homes. Urban development has shrunk the areas in home available for fruit trees. Only fruit trees of commercial value are being relegates to arboretums. We have to do something now to ensure we do not lose the fruit trees that’s have been with us for years.


The Environmental Management and Research Association of Malaysia (ENSEARCH) is a non-profit organization formed in 1984 to promote excellence in environmental management among organizations, professionals and interested individuals.

What we have done so far

ENSEARCH and its partner organisations set up the Cyber Plant conservation Project, (CPCP) and during the course of this project, the (CPCP) trust Fund Board was created in 2004 as the promoters of CPCNet. The CPCP project was funded by the Malaysian IT Council in 2002 under its Demonstration Application Grants Scheme (DAGS).

The focus of the pilot CPCP was to create a web community of tree planters in 20 schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Subsequently, with sponsorship by UMW-Toyota in 2004, the CPCNet Board was able to extend the project to two more school in Kedah.

The students were engaged in the planting and caring of rare Malaysian fruit trees. They learnt the value of conserving our indigenous fruit trees through ICT-based knowledge, scientific thinking, research skills and independent project learning.

The next stop is to spread the awareness across neighborhoods and communities that have internet connection by launching the Cyber Plant conservation Network that encourages the sharing of information on and planting of rare fruit trees in the vicinity of their homes or offices so that these can become common again.

What’s the big idea?

A unique project to engage the community in a national effort to plant rare fruit trees in their gardens. The objective is to engage anyone, in particular Malaysians, to participate in the planting of rare fruit tree in an attempt to conserve these trees and spread vital skills and knowledge.

Commercial nurseries invited to supply fruit tree seedlings. Corporate organizations are invited to sponsor a proportion of the seedlings for the less affluent members of the community such as schools and the underprivileged. The Orang Asli will also be supported to search for the rare tree in the jungle. Other community members are to buy their own seedlings. All these groups are linked online through CPCN. The project is managed by a Board whose members are ENSEARCHBioversity and MARDI.

Why we need your help

  1. This is an effective and construction way to find a sustainable solution for our disappearing fruit tree such as mangosteen, durians, langsat and duku. It is result-oriented and benefits the community and the nation.
  2. You can help support the objectives of CPCNet, the maintenance of the CPCNet website and Secretariat.
  3. You help meet the cost of providing rare fruit tree seedlings to those who cannot afford to buy the seedlings, such as schools, charitable organisations, and the poorer members of our community.
  4. You provide an opportunity for “orang asli” to earn an income since they will search for rare fruit tree seedlings in the jungles.
  5. You will be recognized as a sponsor on the CPCNet website and the trees that are sponsored by you will be pictured as well.

Become a member of vitally important web community working to conserve Malaysia’s rare fruit trees.

How you can participate

It is very easy to be member of the CPCNet. You can either be CPCNet/Tree sponsor, or a Tree planter, or better still both! Please visit the CPCNet website for detailed instructions on how to join the Network. You can contact us to enquire more.